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Great series of photos here - man, the colours of Chinese New Year are always so great, and these pics vividly reflect that. Good stuff!

S. Crypt

wow! nice shot selection. Great colors! But I wonder when can I watch those for real. keep them coming!


That first picture where the man is peering out from behind the little sign kind of makes you want to smile too. Great.


I took a photo of oranges when I was at the London Borough market the other week. I'll put it up one of these days.

Meanwhile, maybe you can give me an advice on what new digital camera to get ;-)


Oranges are not the only fruit.

nice series from chinese new year and binondo! tnx for sharing:)


Ooooh ~~ I want to buy everything in the bottom photo! All these shots are beautiful, Sidney ~~ I love the colors.


I like the picture second from the top of this set, this is because of the pink thingy that seems out of place in a sea of golden things, nice work, and good descriptions.


Very colorful!


i don't know about orange, but red and gold, everywhere...that's lucky colors for chinese culture...for sure:-) great shots for street vendors...i want to have one of the happy buddha:-P


Great information on the chinese new year and a great set of pictures.


Colorful post as always. I like a lot the expression of the youg chinese woman... She seems to be in her dream...

Matt Greco

Seems like a great place to wander....


Some superb colours here Sidney!


Vibrant and colourful. Nice shots


your photographs are wonderful, so exotic, so vibrant; they're beautifully done. i'm going to bookmark you so i can come back often.


colors! colors! what a great colorful set!
how many pictures you take every day?

jeremy wallace

These are wonderful photographs. Beautifully composed, full of interesting details and filled with Joy. Infact this whole page just rocks.

You once said of one of my photos 'nothing more beautiful than flowers (almost)' Well I think those Filipino women dressed for mardi Gras come pretty close to being more beautiful.

Anna Lyn

Wonderful colors! I always like going to China town and see the celebration of Chinese New Year. It is absolutely colorful.


What I like more of your photos is beautiful the colorful one that they have. Of this series I also like the crafts that there is in the sale positions.

J A M  I E

those oranges looks yummy!


Suddenly I feel a thirst for orange juice. I like how you captured a person with each such. Wonderful captures and great colors!


Wow, I love how you captured the vibrant colours... really ties in with the festive atmosphere!


Seeing Anew: Official languages in the Philippines are English & Filipino.
According to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), there are 78 language groupings and over 500 dialects in the Philippines.

Most of the Chinese who are now living in the Philippines came or are descended from an area that stretches between the city of Xiamen and the town of Quanzhou. Their language is Hokkien.

I read somewhere that they constitute 1-2% of the Filipino population.

AND SORRY: the word "orange" sounds like "Ji" which means "good luck" and NOT "wealth" as I wrote in my caption. By the way I don't know Hokkien nor Mandarin...:-(


Wish I had a big juicy orange right now!

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